Cloud Storage Specialists. Setting your information free. Use your stuff EVERYWHERE
Protect, Store, Synchronsie & Share. Everywhere, Anywhere, Anytime Ensuring your Digital life is protected, synchronised & shareable.
UNLIMITED, Fully automated, cloud based backup and protection. Military grade encryption and apps to get to your information on the move.
Fully automated, UNLIMITED cloud backup for your computers AND the capability to archive, store, sync & share any or all of your digital life
With plans from 500GigaBytes to 10's of TeraBytes. You can Synchronise across ALL your computers and Share whatever you need to.

What is CloudCentral?

CloudCentral is both of our core products combined. Not only allowing you to synchronise your files across your systems, whether they are PC or MAC. It also ensures that  any selected data on your systems is automatically, completely and securely backed up.


But my free account with other providers does this?

Actually, NO! Surprising as that might seem.  The others don't automatically provide this level of protection. There's a lot more manual intervention required. As for the free space? This is just a loss leader because you will undoubtedly need to store more stuff. We decided at the outset that if you needed space we would provide enough that made sense. Check out the comparison chart to see how we fare.


How does it work?

Excipere CloudCentral is simply our two products acting in unison to ensure that not only are your systems protected, but you can share as much stuff as you need to. 


What do I need to do?

1. Sign Up

2. Download & install the software

3. Select the folders you want to protect

3. Start using your CloudShare, for all the items you want to share, archive or synchronise




Is there anything I need to know about?

Just a couple of things. You can back up as much stuff as you need to (that's right, the backups are unlimited and do not utilise any of your sharing space). Anything you choose to protect by CloudStor MUST be kept on one of the systems in your plan. If you want to archive it (ie. to not have those files or folders on your system) then you must use your CloudShare space. It's still protected but not included automatically as the backup would be.


Are there any limitations?

No, just install and go. If you start to run out of space then just buy a little more. We've got some fabulous deals.

CloudCentral Plans
Online Cloud Storage Space 0.5TB 1TB 2TB 4TB 10TB
Store whatever you want in your CloudShare. Files don't need to be on your computers, and can be kept just in your online repository.
Sync files Y Y Y Y Y
See the same files on all of your computers and work on any file, no matter where you are.
Backup your PCs or Macs 2 3 4 5 10
Unlimited online backup for your computers
Access files from any browser Y Y Y Y Y
Log in to view all of your files online from any web browser. Browse them as you would on your PC.
Access files on your mobile devices Y Y Y Y Y
Free mobile apps for your devices let you view your photos, music, movies and documents from anywhere!
Access previous versions of any file Y Y Y Y Y
Need to revert a change you made. File overwritten? No problem - we keep up to 30 versions of any file in the cloud.
Edit files on your web browser Y Y Y Y Y
Edit documents, photos or upload new files to your online storage from any web browser.
Stream your music and movies  Y Y Y Y Y
Watch your movies and listen to your music from your web browser or mobile device.
Send files to your favourite social networks Y Y Y Y Y
Upload your photos to Facebook and Flickr with one click - online file storage that sets your files free!
Local network transfers Y Y Y Y Y
Using multiple computers on the same network? Excipere can transfer files between computers directly over your local network, saving time and bandwidth.
Super-fast transfers Y Y Y Y Y
No bandwidth throttling by us. Our data-centres have super-fast connectivity.
100% safe and secure, all stored in the UK Y Y Y Y Y
Your online files are encrypted with military grade 256-AES encryption to keep them safe.
Works on Mac and Windows Y Y Y Y Y
Get exactly the same experience on your Mac and Windows computers. Requires Windows XP or later, and Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or later.
Outstanding support Y Y Y Y Y
Our support team are passionate about service, and will get back to you on any issue within 24 hours.
Online cloud storage space 0.5TB 1TB 2TB 4TB 10TB
Backup your PCs or Macs 2 3 4 5 10
Pay monthly £10.50 £12.50 £16.50 £24.50 £48.50
Pay yearly, get 2 months FREE!! £105.00 £125.00 £165.00 £245.00 £485.00
Limited offer: Buy today for a special deal £95.00 £115.00 £155.00 £235.00 £475.00
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CloudCentral Two Months FREE!!
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