We’ll soon be rolling out some improvements

On or around 9th November 2016, we’ll be deploying some updates to Excipere software.

The new software has a huge amount of back end changes to improve stability, remove bugs and adds support for some new systems.

The new software now includes the following:

Full support for Mac OS X El Capitan
TLS 1.2 to further improve security during transfer
Full Windows 64 bit support

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Some minor bug fixes

We’ve just released an update to our software which addresses some minor bugs. Including, but not limited to:

Full support for Mac OS X Yosemite
Performance & memory fixes
Various small bug fixes

You should receive an automated prompt to update. However, you can manually update by going to the settings>General and checking for an update.

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Happy New Year!

Seems strange to be announcing such a greeting. But we are, in fact, referring to the academic year. All the Uni’s and colleges are back now and we’ve taken on a whole load of new students.

The most common question we’re asked is “Can I really store ALL my data?” It amazes us how many times we have to just say yes. So we just wanted to reaffirm that our unlimited account is really that. UNLIMITED.

So, whether your files are big or small, your attached hard drives are TeraBytes or GigaBytes in capacity. You can store it all.

Having said that though, it makes absolute sense to store the “stuff” that really is of value to you. So, prioritise the data you really need and work back from the most valuable to the least valuable. Don’t include apps or programs. These can be recovered elsewhere. Just protect all the unique stuff you create and use.

Any questions? Just leave us an email or a ticket on our support system (contact details are contained within the welcome email you will have received).

Just remember. Your data is the ONLY UNIQUE part of your entire technology setup.


Have fun

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Updates for our iOS app

With the new release of iOS 7 released by Apple we’ve decided to rewrite our iOS application. This has been released today.

What has changed in ?

Our developers decided to rewrite nearly all the backend code for the software. This has made the app more stable and has removed a range of bugs. This was a big task for the team but we feel it was worth it and I’m sure you will notice the difference.

We have also added our new video player 2.0 to the app. This will give iPhone and iPad users the same great movie streaming experience that we provide on Android, Windows 8 and Windows phone 8 devices.

Video Player 2.0 includes the following;


1. Full Screen Support – Watching films, TV programs, or home movies is always better in full screen. The new version of our video player now enables you to watch any video in full screen on your Android device. Just click the icon at the bottom right of the video player to turn on full screen mode.

 2. Video Skipping – Our old video streaming
service had a simple play and pause button but in the new version we have added
a timeline. This allows you to skip to any part of the video in a few seconds.
Perfect if you only managed to watch the first half of the film and want to
continue from where you left off.

3. Video Previews – We added video previews to each video file,
these show you what the movie looks like before you click play. This reduces the
amount of clicks you have to make to play the video and makes sure you are
playing the correct file.

4. Improved streaming service – We have also made significant
improvements to our streaming technology on the web portal and mobile app. This
has helped to increase the stability and speed of the service.

The new video streaming service has now been added to your Excipere web portal and has been included within the latest version of our app for Android.

Keep checking our blog for further app announcements.

If you’ve not already downloaded the app you can get it from the app store or the Google play store and for Windows 8

Let us know how you get on.


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Get YOUR information on more devices

We’re always trying to ensure that you can access your information from the widest possible range of devices. And whilst it would be impossible to cover every conceivable scenario. Excipere today announces support for native Windows 8 devices.

We partner with Open Access to ensure code continuity and minimal development costs so that these apps can be free to you.

Just go to the windows app store or do a search (Windows Key + F) and type Open access into the search box. Make sure you select Store as the place to search. Install the app, provide your email address and password.

It’s as simple as that.

Any problems, comments or queries please log a support ticket



Excipere Support

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Things are getting bigger

We are amassing information at an ever increasing rate. One of the benefits is that this has driven the capacities of storage media higher. As of today we now offer support for larger drives up to 5 Terabytes in capacity.

Previously we only supported  drives up to 2TB. This increased capacity will allow you to back up more data at ZERO additional cost.

That’s right. All of our CloudStor and CloudCentral plans allow for an UNLIMITED capacity. So, if you have five, ten, fifteen or as many as you want x 5TB drives and the system and bandwidth to upload it all. We’ll happily store ALL OF IT.  No price increase, just great service.

Compare that with any of the other companies offering you (so called free storage). Most do NOT provide a fully automated backup platform, which also allows you to stream, view or listen to your data on mobile devices. And, the free sharing capacities are woefully small to ensure that you’ll be paying MUCH, MUCH larger amounts once you’ve gone past your free capacity limit.

We’re British & proud of it. Our web servers, database servers and datacentres are ONLY in the UK and we do not offshore ANY information. We comply with ALL UK and EU legislation and protections but are NOT answerable to any other government or agency.

Your information is the ONLY UNIQUE part of your entire technology setup. Why do you think insurers WILL NOT insure your data? You can get a PC or MAC from anywhere, but the “stuff” you create, use, share and value (and you should value it) is TOTALLY UNIQUE.

If you like what we do then please tell your friends. If you don’t like what we do, then please tell us.

Excipere Support



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Enhancing Security (and some other little changes)

We constantly try to improve our services. One of the major topics lately, and coincidentally, one we’ve been trying to make people aware of for quite some time,  has been the security of YOUR information. Whilst we have always had the ability to encrypt your information either at rest (when in our datacentres) or in-flight (during transmission between your systems AND our datacentres) we had not provided a way to ensure that your data, stored within your CloudShare virtual drive was also protected. Today we are happy to unveil version 1.14.x of our software for Windows and Mac OS X.

Our new software includes a few key extra security additions to ensure that the data held in the local cache cannot be accessed, even if your computer is stolen.

The main new features in version 1.14.x are:

  • An improved settings menu

To make it quicker and easier for you to edit the program to your requirements.

  • CloudShare Encryption

Your files will now be even safer. Any files which have been stored on your machine will be inaccessible if you are logged out of Excipere.  This stops thieves from gaining access to your files.

  • Automatic logout

This will make sure Excipere is never logged in when you turn your computer on. Combining automatic logout and CloudShare encryption will make sure your files are always secure.

  • Revised & Improved ‘Manage Backups’ window

We have improved the interface for handling file type exceptions. This will      automatically stop EXE, ISO, and temporary files from being uploaded to the cloud and will reduce the time it takes you to complete initial upload. If you do want to upload .ISO files, you just need to uncheck the .ISO box in the exceptions menu. You can also add new exceptions to the list. (eg. If you add “.avi” to the list the software will make sure no AVI movies are backed up to the cloud).

  • Restore is now built into both the Windows and Mac client

We have now added the restore feature to the Windows client. In the past only Mac users could restore files through the normal desktop client. Windows users had to download a separate restore client from our website.

Please note: You should now restore your files onto a Windows computer by clicking on the Excipere icon on the task bar at the bottom right of your screen. You will no longer need to download the separate Restore client.

  • You’ve changed the settings dialog box?

In older versions of the Excipere software we gave all CloudStor, CloudShare and CloudCentral users the same Settings dialog box. With the new software we have only given users’ access to the information you need. This means that CloudStor and CloudShare users will now have fewer tabs to navigate than CloudCentral users. We have not removed features, we have simply made it easier for you to find the features that you need.

  • How do I access the Manage Backups window?

Actually, it’s the same as before. To access your Manage Backups dialog on Windows simply right click on the icon in the task bar at the bottom right of your screen, and select “Manage Backups” from the menu. If you are using a Mac OS X computer simply click on the Excipere icon on the top menu and select “Manage Backups”.

  • How do I access the Status window?

Again, no changes here. To access your Status screen on Windows simply right click on the icon in the task bar at the bottom right of your screen, and select “Status” from the menu. If you are using a Mac OS X computer simply click on the Excipere icon on the top menu and select “Status”.

  • How do you start and stop the Excipere software?

We now enable users to stop and start your CloudShare and your CloudStor independently. On Windows simply click on the icon in the task bar at the bottom right of your screen and select “Settings” from the menu. On the Settings screen click on the “Services” tab and then click on the on/off switch next to the word CloudStor or CloudShare. Once you are happy with the selection click on the “Apply” button at the bottom right of the window.

If you are using Mac OS X device simply click on the Excipere icon on the top menu and select “Settings”. On the Settings screen click on the “Services” tab and then click on the on/off switch next to the word CloudStor or CloudShare. Once you are happy with the selection click on the “Apply” button at the bottom right of the window.

The Settings window does not enable you to stop both CloudShare and CloudStor at the same time. If you wish to stop the software entirely or log out and log into a new account?

On Windows, simply click the Excipere icon in the task bar and select “Logout”. On Mac OS X devices click on the Excipere icon on the top menu and then select “Logout”.

  • Is Excipere running?

A quick way to see if Excipere is running on your Windows computer is to click on the Excipere icon on your task bar. If the menu has 10 options you are logged in. If you only have “log in”, “Restore” and “Exit” as options, you are currently logged out of your account.

If you are using a Mac OS X machine you can simply click on the Excipere icon on the top menu. Again, If the menu has 10 options you are logged in. If you only have “log in”, “Restore” and “Exit” as options, you are currently logged out of your account.

  • How do I upgrade?

All currently logged in users will automatically be notified that a new version of the software is available. You can also check for updates manually.

On a Windows computer, click the Excipere icon on your task bar, Select Settings, Updates, Check for Updates.

On a Mac OS X machine, click the Excipere icon on the menu bar, Select System Settings, Updates, Check for Updates.

  • How does encryption work with CloudStor

It doesn’t. This is ONLY for CloudShare and CloudCentral customers.

  • Will your software encrypt my entire hard drive?

NO. This will ONLY encrypt the CloudShare element of your Excipere service.

  • What if I already encrypt my hard drive?

We do not support other types of encryption or encryption services.

We cannot guarantee the integrity and accessibility of your CloudShare data if encrypted by other software.

  • Will my CloudShare be automatically encrypted?

No. You need to select this option as part of the revised set up. The reason is we want to give you the choice of whether to encrypt your data on your drive or not.

Within your settings menu you will see a Security tab, select this and at the bottom will be the check box to enable CloudShare encryption.

The encryption of your CloudShare files is for the local files on the computer you have enabled it for. This protects the local files should your computer be stolen.

This is tied to your Excipere account on that user profile only. If you have multiple user profiles on a system you will need to enable it for each.

The encrypted data can only be decrypted using the Excipere software – the data can also be accessed as normal via the web portal.

  • Pro’s
    • Secures your local data in your CloudShare
  • Cons
    • It may slow down your machine slightly due to the encryption process. However the benefits of secure transfer outweighs the negative. This feature can be disabled.
    • It may take slightly longer to upload the data to the web portal. This also depends on your upload speed.
    • It may increase the CPU usage slightly due to the encryption process.

How do I enable encryption of my data transfers?

This is now enabled by default. You Can disable this (see below)

Again, the Settings menu, Security tab has a check box to enable/disable encryption of file transfers between your system and our datacentres.

We really want you to get the most out of our software and have endeavoured and indeed tested exhaustively across a wide range of systems and scenarios. If you run in to any difficulties OR you are NOT SURE. PLEASE!!! ask questions.

We are more than happy to help.


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Experience from a user perspective

Nowadays a computer or some kind of a computing device is almost essential in our lives. We study, work, play or just entertain ourselves by watching videos on YouTube. We create so many files, we save them, we store them, copy them to different drives, burning them to CD’s.  We feel that our digital stuff is safe however unfortunately hardware fails, CD’s get scratched…

Luckily there’s internet! Online storage that is available for all. Software is built to work seamlessly in the background backing up all your files, storing them on the Cloud storage.

Recently I was introduced to such online service by a friend – it’s called Excipere. Excipere lets you backup your data online giving you unlimited space. So now I have the possibility of backing up my large video projects and not worrying about if something happens to the hard drive. Of course it would be a shame if my hardware was to die on me but on the other hand I am secure from starting my work from scratch.

In terms of setup – a piece of cake. Just downloaded the installation file, executed it, installed the software on my computer, entered my Excipere account details and I was done. Now I have an option appearing to backup a certain folder or a file whenever I right-click on any of my files.

The navigation in the software and the website is very intuitive. Without much time I figured out how to find the status of currently downloading or uploading files, also a very useful icon appears in the notification area. However there is a small drawback: whenever I am trying to reach the website I don’t see a way of getting there without recording the URL from the very start. Due to the somewhat complex name of the URL I would normally expect some sort of button to be directing you from the client to the accounts webpage.

As I mentioned before this type of software is highly recommended in the student life. Personally me being a computer science multimedia person, I deal with a lot of digital data such as video, large images and photos. Constantly working with videos I am forced to save often because the video editing software tends to crash a lot corrupting my projects from time to time. Excipere’s versioning is the solution for me. I always go back to the previously saved version of my project in case of a disaster. Thank god for Excipere!

I would definitely recommend this to all students as well as to all conscious people who care about their data. Not only that this keeps your stuff safe, it also offers you different types of online apps that can alter your files in the Cloud Storage. But more on that later after I do some more investigating on that!


A. Korubov


Thanks Mr. Korubov. Your feedback is very important to us. As a direct consequence we’ve added an item to our FAQ’s to help with getting to the web portal more quickly.

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The Land of the Free.

It’s been bubbling like the La Brea Tar Pits. And we’ve been trying to make you aware of it for quite some time. Now the subject has really surfaced and it’s made the mainstream news.

The Guardian newspaper produced an article about the secretive US based Federal Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) which reviews submissions by US government agencies to gather intelligence materials from a range of sources, all done under the auspices of the Federal Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). Things started happening pretty quickly afterwards with further revelations about the NSA having direct access to the servers of a number of US companies to gather internet based intelligence. This activity was swiftly denied by these companies (no surprise really). There’s also an interesting video from the Washington Post

The counter arguments and rebuttals to the original and subsequent articles have come thick and fast over the last few days. The Major players have all denied providing the US government with “Direct Access” to their servers. Indeed, in an official blog post by Google’s CEO he states that “First, we have not joined any program that would give the U.S. government—or any other government—direct access to our servers. Indeed, the U.S. government does not have direct access or a “back door” to the information stored in our data centers. We had not heard of a program called PRISM until yesterday.”

This is further countered by an article in the New York Times about these companies cooperation with the US government.

What is more interesting is not what IS said but more so what is implied by what is NOT said. By not providing any direct access are these companies implying that they provide indirect access? Naturally, they’re expected to agree to official requests for intelligence information via court orders which have gone through due process. It could even be the case that the US government agencies have managed to acquire such information without any knowledge, approval, agreement OR assistance from these companies.

The other interesting fact courtesy of Mr. James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence stated that the NSA were only interested in information on foreign nationals (Non US Citizens). This was further backed up by President Obama himself . So what of the UK’s Government Communications Head Quarters (GCHQ)? Have they circumvented UK and EU law and profited from information on “foreign nationals”?

So who are these foreign nationals? Well, they’re YOU and us. Of course you’ve nothing to hide. And yes Governments should be undertaking intelligence gathering but this should be legal and targeted rather than the blanket gathering of items such as phone details.

How does prism work? Only a few actually know and some have guessed on various scenarios, but it is theoretically possible for this to work. Just think about how hackers use “man in the middle” attack vectors, of course you’re happy that they do this?

Where does this leave us?

The reality is that ALL governments acquire information via a number of sources including the internet. The problem is when information is gathered without a due process being followed. Governments and businesses will label this as spying when undertaken by other agencies, organisations, governments or individuals.

What we wanted to again point out is that FREE does NOT Exist.

The price of free storage is the value of your information. If you’re happy with your 5GB of Dropbox, 7GB of Skydrive or whatever of Googledrive. And you don’t mind that as a foreign national your information and personal details could be either provided to or gathered by the US government, then carry on using them.

We’re a UK company with UK datacentres and we DO comply with ALL UK and EU data protection legislation. If we’re presented with a court order (and to date we have NOT been) to supply details about one of our subscribers. We would review and react based upon legal advice provided by our UK legal team.

Do your research. Your data is the ONLY UNIQUE. It is your intellectual property and you should protect it.

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Worried about being in the cloud?

We don’t think you should be as the likelihood is that you are already there. A fascinating infographic from Wired Magazine acts as a pointer to just how much information is currently being stored online.

If you’re already using any social network, web based email and unless you proxy your way around the internet your digital fingerprints are being stored in any number of places. Keeping track of them is nigh on impossible as you can’t be 100% sure of where data is stored and what geopolitical boundaries it crosses.

The common sense approach is to protect what you can protect and be wary that once your ‘stuff’ goes public it is very much in the public domain.

Our advice?

Use ALL of the privacy options available to you. Whether that is at a local level (on your own system/s) or at the internet level (those within each service you use). Be aware that whilst there is numerous country specific data protection legislation in situ, some of these will be difficult to enact because of conflicting obligations placed upon providers by various governments.

Do your research. Ultimately, your data has a value.

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